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Tap Class 

Tap Dance Class

Tap is all about rhythm, style, and sound that progresses into fun and lively dance combinations. Students will use the feet as percussive "instruments" to create sounds as they dance. Key elements in tap class are timing, rhythm, and musicality. We incorporate various tap styles into our tap classes, including Broadway-style tap and rhythm tap. Basic ballet steps will also be introduced along with body control and introduction to body lines. 

  • Age: 7 - 11 

  • Class Frequency: Once (1x) Weekly

  • Class Days, Times & Location 

    • Tuesdays from 545-630 : Cudahy School

  • Price: $110.00 for 10 week session 

  • Session Dates: September 11th - December 8th 2023 

    • No Classes week of October 30th 2023 & week of November 20th 202

  • Holiday Show Performance: December 11th 2023 @ 6:00pn at Oak Creek Performing Arts Center 

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