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Image by Hulki Okan Tabak

2023-2024 Competition Troupes

'Be Happy. Be Bright. Be You.'

-Kate Spade

Royals Troupe

The Royal's Troupe is our most experienced competition team ranging in ages 10-14. This group of dancers have outstanding technique skills and style. Dancers can execute body awareness, precision, and performance.


Ladys Troupe

The Lady's Troupe ranges in ages 10-12. This Intermediate group takes a deep dive into technical training, building showmanship, and the importance of discipline. 


Belles Troupe

Our Belles Troupe ranges in ages 7-10. A great introduction to teamwork, building confidence, and developing proper technique skills.. 

Lollies Troupe

Our Lollie's range in ages 5-7 years old. This a perfect opportunity for beginning dancers to showcase their personality. Our young dancer's focus on performance skills, fun, and building friendships.

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